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SPA center

Feel the tranquility, forget all your worries and relax for a while in Nidus SPA. The small-sized centre, which creates a sense of privacy, invites hotel guests. Guests can spend time here and pamper themselves with a steam bath and jacuzzi. A special price package is available for the hotel guests.



All the massages are not only for the physical body, but also for the bliss of the soul! Massage involves moving and manipulating the body to relieve physical and emotional tension.


Full body massages


Kerala massage - is the most popular, deep muscle massage to help remove negative energy accumulated during the day, so after the person feels relief and peace of mind. 60 min – 70 Eur.


Ayurvedic massage - a massage all collected a bouquet of movements that relieves headache, joint and back pain, harmonizes the body's systems operate, eliminates stress and fatigue. 60 min – 70 Eur.


Abhyanga Massage - a traditional Indian beauty and durability of the massage is performed using warmed oil. Clears from the slag and toxins, nourishes the body and provides strength. Maximum abhyangam benefits the lymph system stimulation. 60 min – 70 Eur.


Relaxing massage - massage relaxes the whole body as well as increasing, decreasing stress, improving mood. 60 min - 70 Eur.


Pregnancy massage - Massage is not just for women, but also the unborn child, that he may grow stronger. The massage gently rotated, fondling  reassuring not only the future mother, but the baby. 60 min -  70 Eur.


Body Scrub - improves mood, relaxing, preparing the skin for a much more appealing and more tan. 60 min -  70 Eur.



Sectional massages


Back massage - massage relaxes the back muscles, reduce chronic pain, promote blood circulation, decrease back accumulated tension. 30 min – 49 Eur.


Head / Foot Massage - Foot wears us, so they need to take care of. Massage revitalizes tired feet, they are rich in nerve cells, related to all organs. Therefore, this massage strengthens and restores its activity. 30 min 49 Eur.


Head / Shoulder Massage - a positive effect on the endocrine system, improves memory, attentiveness, strengthens the nervous system, eliminates the tension accumulated in the shoulder area. 30 min – 49 Eur.


Head /Face Massage - Massage is accomplished profound peace, rest, relax the whole body. 30 min – 49 Eur.