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„Nidus“ restaurant is a European cuisine restaurant with a quality status. Every day the restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and is well known among the locals, while the guests are pleased to discover it. They say that the clients are attracted not only by its specialties, tastes and professional work of its team but also by its cozyness with a touch of  „Nidus“ family travel, taste and interior ideas. 


“Nidus” restaurant seats up to 50 guests (in summer there is also a luminous open terrace), it‘s a perfect place for family reunions, special events, tourist groups and conferences.

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Restaurant menu


Roasted beet salad with goat cheese and pine nuts  10,00 €
Crispy salad with anchovy sauce and white bread croutons  5,00 €
Crispy salad with anchovy sauce and white bread croutons with grilled chicken  9,00 €
Crispy salad with anchovy sauce and white bread croutons with shrimps  9,50 €
Green leaf salad with grilled salmon, soy beans and zucchini  11,00 €


Salted salmon snack (carpaccio)/salmon, capers, lemon, lettuce, olives  11,00 €
Thin beef slices (carpaccio) / beef surlion, lettuce, hard cheese, olives  12,50 €
Pike perch carpaccio  9,00 €
A set of marinated olives origin from Andalusia  9,50 €
Fried bread with cheese sauce  4,50 €
Crispy chicken wings with BBQ sauce  8,00 €
Fried calmar rings with spicy tomato sauce  8,50 €

Mexican ,,Fajita"  10,50 €


Soup of the day / ask your waiter /  2,90 €
Tasty fish soup ,,NIDUS"  6,00 €
The royal fish soup / for 2 people - 27 € / for 3 people - 39 € / for 4 people - 52 €
Spicy Mexican beef soup with chili  9,00 €


Beef fillet (200 g. / 400g.) steak with gravy sauce, potato slices and grill vegetables  25 € / 40 € 
Beef stroganoff with mashed potatoes and pickled cucumbers  19,00 €
Roasted pork ribs in piquant marinade 350 g.  14,00 €
Roasted pork ribs in piquant marinade 550 g.  18,00 €
Roasted chicken with stewed chanterelles with mashed potatoes and green salad  12,00 €
Freshly caught local fish / ask your waiter /  15,00 - 18,00 €
Cod meatballs with peas pure and fried vegetables  11,00 €
Halibut roasted in a stove, served dressed with onions and green salad  15,00 €
Seamen style mussels with white wine and garlic sauce 20,00 €
Seasonal baked vegetables with herbs served with buckwheat or potatos 9,00 €
Grilled vegetables served withbuckwheat or potatos 9,00 €


Special Nidus chef dumplings with salmon in white wine sauce  8,50 €
Dumplings with home-made cottage cheese and spinach, served in tender sour cream and butter sauce with hard cheese  7,50 €
Nidus Spaghetti  with chicken and sour cream sauce  9,00 €
Nidus Spaghetti with seafood and tomato sauce  11,50 €
Nidus spaghetti with cream  4,50 €
Home mad dumplings with lamb  10,00 €
Pancakes with cottage cheese and with strawberry jam  6,00 €
Pancakes with cottage cheese and salmon in spinach sauce  9,50 €
Tasty fried cheese cakes „Nidus“  7,50 € 


Especially loved by our guests hot chocolate pie „Nidus“  4,90 €
Tender cottage cheese cream with berries / strawberry or wild berry /  4,50 €
Ice cream with chocolate and nuts  4,50 €
Assorted icecream with berries / strawberry or wild berry /  4,50 €
Milkshakes / vanilla, banana, strawberry or chocolate /  3,90 €

Panna cotta with seasonal berries  5,00 €